Choose the right plan for your clipping needs

PlanCost (USD)Max Clip LengthClip Storage Length
FreeAlways Free30s7 daysGet Started
Pro$3.99/month60s30 daysSubscribe
Ultra$7.99/month90s60 daysSubscribe


Free: 50 clips stored. 10 clips created per day.

Subscribers: 1000 clips stored. 100 clips created per day.

Why is there paid plans?

We at SmartPrograms would love to be able to offer this service completely free to all of our users. However, running this service is not free. We have to account for things such as having servers running 24/7 to handling creating clips from the stream, as well as the storage of those clips. We would truly appreciate you upgrading to a paid plan, however, we understand if you cannot and we strive to always have a good free plan.