Clips designed for you

Clips should be for all to use. Now they are. Create high quality clips at the speed of light. Perfect for sharing your best moments of the stream.

Why SmartClips?


Create clips at the speed of light. All of our clips are created super fast so you can start sharing your clip immediately!


Your clips are stored in the cloud for all to view, download, and share!


All of your clips are saved at source quality to allow you to share your best moments with amazing quality!

How does it work?

We wanted to combine all needs into one place, so all of your settings will be combined onto one simple overlay!


Import your overlay that conveniently includes your command & clip replays!

Type "!clip <time>"


Our cloud servers will process your clip, and replay it on your overlay!


We have an API for you as well! Documentation.

If you want to have better integration with a service you create for users contact us!